About The Brand

April 27, 20222024-01-15 16:35

About the Brand

Our Story

Growing up in Virginia Beach, coming from a military family, fashion and style was an uprise in the 90s and it was different. Virginia Beach and the surrounding 7 cities are home to many well respected athletes, artists, performers and producers, actors and other upcoming talent in the area. We need to attach this clothing brand to those to remind us where it all started.

There is no one brand out there that’s sticks out like us. We believe in our brand because we’ve seen Virginia Beach grow from potential to bigger ventures in the recent years.

Our brand tells a story of Virginia Beach. Bringing back the 90s feel, on how our journey in the business started. And most importantly, bringing Virginia Beach out to the world with our brand.

We were inspired to start our clothing brand by the talent we saw from Virginia. We wanted to create a brand that stands out and represents our hometown of Virginia Beach. Our goal is to showcase the talent that exists in our area and bring it to the forefront of the fashion industry. We believe that our brand can help put Virginia Beach on the map and bring recognition to the talented individuals who call this area home.

So Virginia Clothing

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